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About Mind Mapper Bangladesh

Mind Mapper Bangladesh is a leading management consulting firm operating across all industries in Bangladesh and the Asian region. Mind Mapper works with leading organizations across private, public and social sectors. It is a trusted advisor for building its clients’ competitive advantages by shaping their knowledge, skills, and attitudes. Mind Mapper develops, redesigns, and improves strategies and processes to come up with the solutions to the problems  that its clients are facing for optimizing their business.


Mind Mapper’s customized approach ensures that its clients achieve outperforming competitive advantages, make processes more resilient and agile, and secure sustainable outcomes. Mind Mapper Bangladesh identifies clientele’s highest-value opportunities, addresses mission-critical challenges, and redesign and improve organizational structure which are able to counter challenges successfully.


Mind Mapper Bangladesh proudly provides a range of services for contributing to excel both individual and organizational performance.

Our service line includes-

Professional and Educational Programs in the area of Supply Chain Management by ISCEA, International Supply Chain Education Alliance, USA

Business and Management Consultancy

Supply Chain Training and Consultancy

Soft and Technical Skills Training (Both Public and In-house)

Executive Search

We help our clients grow their businesses with the right people and the right process.

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