Mastery of Self Through Neuro Linguistic Programming



The journey continues: Sensei International conducted the first MINDPOWER Playshop{Mastery of Self [MS] through Neuro Linguistic Programming[NLP]} in Sri Lanka in 1996 and since then Sensei Lanka has conducted hundreds of these playshops for companies through in-house workshops and for individuals through the public events in various countries. The first event in Bangladesh was in March 2001 and since then over 1000 Bangladeshi’s have experienced this life changing transformation process.


Your guide: Team Leadership Specialist and CEO Success Coach, Ranjan De Silva.

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Invitation: We invite the thousand who have benefited from this magical experience to come back for a refresher and/or nominate your family, friends and colleagues at work to register for this life-changing experience. We also invite everyone else interested in taking a quantum leap in your life to join this unique learning experience.


What is ‘Mastery of Self [MS] through Neuro-Linguistic Programming [NLP]’? This programme will help participants to achieve their physical, emotional, mental and professional objectives. NLP helps to liberate the individual’s potential and helps focus energy to channel their life in exactly the direction in which they want to go. The programme draws on proven techniques developed by some of the world’s foremost peak performance experts. The ScienceDigest states that NLP is the most promising development in the field of human advancement. It is ‘software’ for the hardware of the human neck-top super computer - a user’s manual to achieve one's goals.


Mastery of Self – NLP : Part 1


©       Introduction to NLP

©       3 mental habits for success

©       Transformational vocabulary

©       3 Principle of mastery

©       Zoom in on life purpose

©       Create a powerful self-image

©       Learn to read people

©       Energise themselves instantly and convert stress in to success

©       Master their time

©       Learn the most powerful change techniques in the word

©       Remove the sting of past failure

©       Master relationships and fill them with satisfaction

©       Identify their greatest hurdles and learn to surmount them

©       Increase energy and vitality


Mastery of Self – NLP: Part 2 [only for those who have taken part in part 1 or the 2 day personal Excellence through NLP training by Sensei.


©       3 Attitudes of winners

©       Learn to harness their conscious and sub-conscious mind

©       Powerful method to choose between competing options

©       Learn to discern peoples’ real messages and hidden motives

©       Learn to deal with criticism

©       Learn to give up negative, time wasting habits

©       Lear to motivate self to do carry out task of no interest but important

©       Remove negative energy and hurtful anger

©       The 5 stages of faith

©       Get real world proof of the new power within themselves

©       Condition self for success


Who should attend? Mastery of Self is for any individual interested in maximizing the potential of the mind for self-mastery. Past participants have ranged from corporate heads to junior executives, from clergy to film stars, from sportspersons to housewives. It is simply for everyone.


Venue: Hotel Platinum Suits, Dhaka, Bangladesh



MS – NLP part 1: 19 & 20 August 2015

MS – NLP part 2: 21 & 22 September 2015


Timing: 8.30 am to 6.30 pm on all days


Investment:The all-inclusive course fee for all 4 days (including course material, lunch and Refreshments):




NLPers discount

MS – NLP Part 1

Tk 15000


MS – NLP Part 2

Tk 15000


MS – both parts

Tk 28000



Group discounts are available and will be applied based on the number of participants.


Terms and conditions: Places will be allocated on a first paid basis and registrations will close as soon as we have the optimum number of participants for the session. Those who do not get a place for this session will get first preference to the next session, however the course fee may be different for the next event. Once registrations are completed, alternate participants can be nominated or participation could be shifted to a subsequent session in case of inability to attend.


Payment: Cheques to be drawn in favour of: Mind Mapper Bangladesh


Reservations and inquiries: Please call 01768142934; 01682507084


About us: Sensei International is a leading leadership development consultancy located at: 230 Park Avenue, Suite 864, New York, New York 10169, USA, E mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., website:


See a sample of what you will experience: Go to!online-audio-and-video-/c1m0fto see a video of Ranjan inspiring an audience of over 500 persons from around 50 nationalities in Dubai. Thousands have been inspired by this 27 mts video. Imagine the life changing impact spending 4 days with Ranjan, learning to unlock your potential!